Monday, 31 December 2012

SMS traffic to cross 1 billion mark on New Year

Via Daily Times - KARACHI: The traffic of Short Messaging Service (SMS) is estimated to increase fivefold to more than 1.20 billion on New Year as customers exchange greeting to their friends and relatives via text messages.

Officials of the mobile phone companies said more than billion SMSs have been generated on the network of mobile phone operators from evening of December 31 to New Year day.

If a customer sends 2 SMS everyday, the number multiplies to 10 on every connection hence it totals 1,200 text messages if considers overall connection of 120 million in the country.

They said New Year is one of the seasons in which customers generate SMSs on different networks within and outside country. Besides millions of MMS and minutes of calls are exchanged by customers to wish happy New Year.

A couple of mobile phone companies have also suspended their regular packages to avoid network jam due to heavy traffic of SMS on their networks. Hence customers are charged full rates of SMS and earned handsome revenues on the occasion.

In Pakistan mobile phone companies witness extraordinary traffic of SMS, MMS and calls on Eid-ul-Fitr, Ei-ul-Azha and New Year. However this year the services were suspended up to 15 cities in the two events cost Rs 600 million losses to mobile phone companies and 30 percent share of the revenues to the government.

Mobile phone companies and customers heaved a sigh of relief with the announcement of Rahman Malik Interior Ministry not to shut down networks of mobile phone companies on the eve of New Year. staff report


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