Wednesday, 15 May 2013

What is LOVE….? East Style

LOVE is when mom comes at night and say "Soja baaki subha uth ke padh Lena" 

LOVE is when we come back from tution and papa says "Beta late hone wale the to call kar dete". 

LOVE is when bhabi says : "Oye hero ladki-wadki patayi k nahin?" ;) 

LOVE is when sister says "Dekhungi meri shadi k baad kaun tera Kaam … Karega" :p 

LOVE is when we are uspet and BROTHER SAYS "Chal nautanki kahi ghumne chalte hai." 

LOVE IS when FRIEND calls n says "Oye kaminey Zinda hai ki Marr gaya" :D ;)


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